The Grange, Altrincham

Project Overview:

Cheshire Underfloor Heating recently completed a transformative project in Altrincham, showcasing the remarkable Ambideck18 Low-Profile Underfloor Heating System. The scope included heating solutions for the kitchen, study, and hall areas. The client sought to enhance their living spaces with a more efficient and comfortable heating solution, replacing traditional radiators.


The Challenge:

This renovation project presented several unique challenges. Beyond the kitchen, dining, and living areas, our client also requested underfloor heating in the hallway, boot room, and WC. Furthermore, upon removing the existing floor covering, we uncovered underlying issues, including subfloor concerns and an unnoticed leak that needed immediate attention before the heating system could be correctly installed.

Our Solution:

Ambideck18 Low-Profile Underfloor Heating System: To meet the client's heating needs effectively, we recommended and installed the Ambideck18 Low-Profile Underfloor Heating System. This innovative system boasts a sleek design, featuring ultra-thin components that integrate seamlessly into the subfloor. The Ambideck18 system delivers efficient and even heating, achieving the desired temperatures swiftly.

Subfloor Preparation and Integration: Our expert team meticulously prepared the subfloor, ensuring a level surface. The Ambideck18 system's low profile minimized floor buildup, making it the perfect choice for this project. Its efficient integration allowed for an unobtrusive installation, preserving valuable living space.

Leak Resolution: We identified and promptly addressed an underlying leak that had gone unnoticed, ensuring that the space was dry and ready for the heating system installation. This proactive approach prevented potential future problems and ensured a flawless installation.

Benefits of Ambideck18:

  • Ultra-Thin Design: The Ambideck18 system's slim components are designed to maximize space while delivering superior heating performance.
  • Rapid Heating: Experience swift warm-up times and enjoy consistent comfort in every corner of your living spaces.
  • Energy Efficiency: The system's efficient design ensures optimal heat distribution, reducing energy consumption and utility costs.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: Say goodbye to bulky radiators and hello to a clean and stylish living environment.

The Outcome:

The result of this project in Altrincham is a modern living space that combines comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. The Ambideck18 Low-Profile Underfloor Heating System provides consistent warmth throughout the kitchen, study, and hall areas, eliminating the need for traditional radiators. The transition from heated zones to living and dining areas is seamless, thanks to the Ambideck18 system's unobtrusive design.

Efficiency Meets Excellence:

This project showcases Cheshire Underfloor Heating's expertise in addressing unexpected challenges while delivering outstanding heating solutions. The integration of a low-profile wet underfloor heating system not only met the client's diverse heating needs but also enhanced the overall functionality and appeal of the renovated spaces.

At Cheshire Underfloor Heating, we take pride in offering tailored heating solutions that prioritise both efficiency and excellence. If you're considering a renovation project with underfloor heating in Altrincham or the surrounding areas, contact us today to explore the possibilities of creating a warm and comfortable living environment that exceeds your expectations.

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