Co-operation, clear communication and fixed dates

From the moment you contact us, our team operate to a tried and tested process that means you always know what will happen next and when it will happen.  We understand that building and renovation projects involve multiple contractors and can cause significant upheaval within your property. Through co-operation with other contractors, clear communication and fixed dates we ensure the underfloor heating is installed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Here’s what will happen - click each heading to learn more:

1. Free no-obligation estimate

Upload your photos and plans and send us as much information as possible about your property and requirements. You will receive a bespoke cost estimate along with details of the recommended underfloor heating system, plus a breakdown of all the components required for your installation.

Start the process and request an estimate now.

2. Site survey

Although our cost estimates are up to 90% accurate, there are some things we need to check in person before your installation can be confirmed.  For wet underfloor heating systems these include assessment of the suitability of your heat source, in terms of its capacity and efficiency.  We will also perform electrical tests and check your main circuit board.

3. Installation date confirmed

A fixed start date and time for installation is agreed, along with confirmation of our full schedule of work.  We’ll also confirm what needs to be done prior to installation such as room clearance and provision of other services.

4. All materials delivered to your house

24 hours before our team arrive to start work, all the components and materials needed will be delivered to your property.

5. Installation

Your underfloor heating system will be installed with minimum upheaval and mess. All waste materials will be taken away and disposed of by us.

6. Completion and sign-off

Your system will be fully configured and tested before we ask you to sign it off.  Full training on use of the controls will be provided before the team leave your property and instruction manuals will be provided.

7. Maintenance

Our underfloor heating is largely maintenance-free and will continue to work at maximum efficiency with minimal intervention, however we’re always available should you have any questions or concerns. We are regrettably unable to maintain or support underfloor heating systems that have not been installed by us.