Warm Water or 'Wet' Underfloor Heating Systems

Warm water, or ‘wet’, underfloor heating is suitable for the majority of properties, whether new build or renovation project.

We can supply a wide range of warm water underfloor heating systems to suit all properties and requirements. We will advise you on the perfect match for the property based on project type, required heat output and any building schedule considerations.

Laying wet underfloor heating pipes

We offer in-ground Underfloor Heating

We offer a revolutionary in-ground system, which means underfloor heating can be installed without any raise in floor level. In this way our water based underfloor heating can be effectively retro-fitted to an existing screed or concrete floor.

Grooves are cut into the existing top screed by a purpose-built, dustless grinder. Heating pipes are then laid into the grooves cut by the grinder, meaning that the heating system is embedded into the floor, rather than laid on top. This system is ideal if even a slight raise in floor level will cause problems in your property.

This method means that your underfloor heating can be laid within a single day, without having to wait for screed to dry. It also means that the heating can be installed with no dust or mess, as the floor grinder is designed to capture all dust generated by the process.

Water underfloor heating systems for...

New Builds

Water underfloor heating is frequently the first choice for someone building their own home. As part of a new build, it is simple to install, affordable and very efficient.


Underfloor heating can also be installed in renovation projects with no need to excavate the existing floor.  We can provide underfloor heating systems that are fitted directly on top of an existing floor, for minimal disruption. They are low profile, to maximise floor-to-ceiling space, and offer high heat outputs to suit older buildings or rooms with large windows and bi-fold doors.  These systems have fast heat up times similar to a radiator system.

First Floors

Water underfloor heating can be installed on any floor of a property, from basements right up to loft conversions. We supply underfloor heating systems for first floors, some of which are fitted within the ceiling and others which sit on top of the floor deck.

Single Rooms

If you’re building an extension or renovating a kitchen, water underfloor heating is a good option.