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The first step is to calculate the floor space to be heated. Here's how:

  1. Measure the floor in the room
    If you have a room that is 5m x 3m, you simply multiply these numbers to give you the square meter area of the room.
    e.g. 5m x 3m = 15m2
  2. Work out area space that will be covered by furniture
    Measure any furniture that will be sitting on your floor – i.e. kitchen units, refrigerators and work out their size in square meters (a fridge might be W59.5cm x D66.8cm = 1.07m2).
    e.g. Fridge = 1.07m2, kitchen units = 4m2
  3. Calculate the final floor area to be heated
    Take your total floor area from step 1 and remove the area from step 2 that have calculated and you should be left with the final floor space available for heating.
    e.g. 15m2 – (1.07m2 + 4m2) = 9.93m2
  4. Calculate floor space for your tubing, cable or mat
    Now that you have the total floor space available, you need to work out the 80-90% area to allow for the gap between the walls and the floor.
    e.g. 80% of 9.93m2 = 7.94m2

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