Electric or 'Dry' Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating comprises a network of electric heating elements laid under floor coverings.

An electric system can be an affordable way to benefit from underfloor heating in areas of your property without the initial outlay of installing a warm water system. Many people choose electric underfloor heating to heat tiled rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms or wet rooms.

Electric underfloor heating
WarmUp Sticky Mat

Electric underfloor heating benefits

Our underfloor heating is perfect for any family room to create an ideal heated environment, by not only heating the air, but also the floor.

Electric underfloor heating kits can be less expensive, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating with a lower initial cost. Electric systems provide a high heat output to warm hard floor coverings, such as tiles, in a kitchen or bathroom. They can be relatively simple to install and fitted directly over the existing floor, causing minimal mess.

When using sealing tape, our electric underfloor heating is completely waterproof, making it easy to create a wet room.

Some more important advantages of our Electric Underfloor Heating

Completely maintenance free

Electric underfloor heating requires no maintenance at all, compared to traditional heating systems which need regular adjustment and optimisation.

Slim design

We use the thinnest (just 1.8mm) and toughest wire for our electric underfloor heating, meaning it's easy to lay without dramatically raising floor levels.

Fully tested and approved

We only use BEAB approved electric underfloor heating systems.

Lifetime warranty

The products we use come with a lifetime warranty and a dedicated helpline.

You're in complete control

Our electric underfloor heating can be controlled with unique smart thermostats.

Typical running costs for Electric Underfloor Heating

2m2 4m2 5m2 10m2 15m2 25m2
1 hr 2.57p 5.14p 6.43p 12.86p 19.29p 32.15p
2 hrs 3.46p 6.92p 8.65p 17.30p 25.95p 43.25p
3 hrs 4.35p 8.70p 10.87p 21.74p 32.28p 54.36p
4 hrs 5.24p 10.47p 13.09p 26.19p 39.28p 65.46p
5 hrs 6.13p 12.25p 15.31p 30.63p 45.94p 76.57p
6 hrs 7.01p 14.03p 17.54p 35.07p 52.61p 87.68p
7 hrs 7.90p 15.81p 19.76p 39.51p 59.27p 98.78p
8 hrs 8.79p 17.58p 21.98p 43.96p 65.93p 109.89p

Financial figures in UK pence based on 2019 tariffs. Source: WarmUp®

Introducing the 4iE Smart Wifi Thermostat from WarmUp

For both central and underfloor heating systems.

The easiest way to enjoy the most efficient temperature with the lowest tariffs. Our superior design and engineering allow you freedom without costs.

Personalised Design Choices.

The 4iE® thermostat can match any style of home – modern or traditional. Featuring glass effect fronts and bevelled chrome edges, it reflects the colours of your home and seamlessly integrates.

You can also choose from a range of coloured vinyl overlays, or textured metal or wood effects depending on what you prefer. You can also upload a custom image of your wallpaper so that it perfectly matches your home design.

With the large colour touch screen, you can change the theme, or use personalised photos on the background. It also has local weather forecasts and traffic alerts built-in.

The right temperature wherever you are.

Using SmartGeo™, the 4iE® doesn’t need any programming. It works from your smartphone so that you can ensure your home is at the perfect temperature when you arrive home. It also means you can change the heating programming easily if you choose to be away, saving you money.

Using a simple app called MyHeating™, it’s quick and easy to make changes to your heating schedule or set up a conventional programme whenever you need to.

Heating efficiency for your home.

The 4iE® uses data on how you use your heating, but also analyses how your home heats up and cools down, so that it automatically calculates more efficient settings.

Low energy tariffs, on auto.

Using AutoSwitch™, the 4iE® will help find the best energy tariff for your home and automatically switch to it, saving you on average £210 per quarter (according to the Department of Energy & Climate Change, CMA, June 2016). You can either allow the 4iE® to do this on auto when it finds a better deal, or program it to give you the information so that you can change the deal yourself.

Natural Language Programming™.

If you don’t want to use SmartGeo™ on your phone, or you have only a small adjustment to make, Natural Language Programming™ is easy to get to grips with.

It understands familiar terms and phrases that relate to your heating programme (e.g. “What time do you wake up?”).

WarmUp Sticky Mat System

The Warmup StickyMat system is designed to make installation simple, fast and secure.

A wire heating element is fixed with pressure-sensitive adhesive onto rolls of glass fibre mesh which can be rolled out to quickly cover the whole area.

A form of StickyMat can also be used under wall tiles, making it an excellent way of heating bathrooms and wet rooms.


WarmUp StickyMat