Field Lane, Appleton, Warrington

Project Overview:

Cheshire Underfloor Heating recently completed an exceptional project involving the installation of a low-profile castellated underfloor heating system in a spacious rear extension in Appleton near Warrington. This unique endeavor presented several challenges that required innovative heating solutions.

Project Description:

The Challenge:

Our client, residing in Appleton near Warrington, sought to extend their living space while maintaining a sleek and uncluttered aesthetic. However, floor buildup restrictions posed a challenge. They desired a heating solution that would provide optimal warmth without compromising the available space.

Our Solution:

Low-Profile Castellated Underfloor Heating System:
Cheshire Underfloor Heating recommended the use of a cutting-edge low-profile castellated underfloor heating system. This specialized system, designed for refurbishment projects, incorporates a 12 mm underfloor heating pipe within a 16 mm plastic castellated panel. It was the perfect choice for this project, considering the limited floor buildup.

Fibre-Reinforced Levelling Compound:
To ensure a flawless and even surface, we expertly applied 18 – 22 mm of fibre-reinforced levelling compound over the castellated panel. This not only ensured structural integrity but also improved the thermal conductivity of the heating system.

The Outcome:

Cheshire Underfloor Heating successfully transformed the extended living space, making it cozy and inviting while preserving the room's aesthetics. The absence of bulky radiators or visible heating elements achieved the desired sleek look.

Efficiency Meets Aesthetics:

This project exemplifies how Cheshire Underfloor Heating specializes in crafting bespoke heating solutions to meet unique challenges. The integration of the low-profile castellated underfloor heating system not only met the client's heating needs but also elevated the visual appeal of the extension. It's a testament to how modern heating technologies can seamlessly merge efficiency with aesthetics.

At Cheshire Underfloor Heating, our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions is unwavering. If you're considering an underfloor heating project in the Appleton near Warrington area or the surrounding regions, contact us today to explore the possibilities of efficient and aesthetically pleasing heating solutions tailored to your needs.

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